I am a woman!

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Hey! Stop looking at me                                                 

Like a piece of display

I am not here to exhibit my details

I was just made more human

Yes! I am a woman.       


I am a creation of God,

 To the world a giver

I govern myself,

 I am proud to be a woman.


My beauty is not in the facial mole,

It lies in the reflection of my soul,

I am not only my wear,

 I have a heart

And love resides there.


Open your heart, to know me

The dance of the flowers

In the wind, in the sun, and in the rain,

Cannot be understood by the head


A loving mother,

A caring sister,

An affectionate daughter,

 A true wife,

And a wonderful friend

Indeed, I am….. a woman


I fall, I rise;

I learn, I grow;

I commit, I inspire;

I cherish the warmth of life,

I am delighted to be a woman


Treat me right

I am a woman of joy,

Of courage and Confidence,

Of beauty and brain,

Of love and laughter

Comfort and care.


Tell me what you know

The list is endless to go…

I am strong,

I am independent

I am what I am meant to be

Yes, I am a woman.


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